Motion Graphics

Motion graphics have most amazing advertising medium which are not only cost effective but also most versatile in nature.In this designing world, graphics have come long back right from just a design element to gaining motion.Motion graphics are not only considered as most important tool for social awareness but also are used in many sectors like gaming, training and education.Now a days many companies are using them for creating instant brand image ore re branding their products in form of logs and also in introduction part. Another important feature of motion graphics are they can be changed according to different age group and type of audiences. Animated videos can be categories right from short movie to full-fledged videos.Only because of versatility,motion graphics designer’s helps in developing aesthetic contents which hits right chord of potential customers. Motion graphics are everywhere right from TV to all online mediums which turns out to be most cost effective medium for advertisements

Movie Making

12 Month(s)
  • Introduction to Designing Softwares ,Image Creation(GIF,PNG,JPEG,Vector Images),Image Adjustments,Manipulation,Resizing,Retouching,Cartoon Making,Character Making ,Backgroung Editing,Framing,Audio Mixing,Audio Editing,Video Mixing ,Video Editing,Mini Clips,Movie Creation and Publishing. SOFTWARES :(Paint,Photoshop,Illustrator,Maya,Muvizu and Cyberlink)